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Customer Testimonials

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To whom it may concern,

My experience with Kind Insurance was extremely easy. They handled everything for me in a time where it was very hectic and very hard to take the time to look for Homeowners Insurance.  Lisa herself personally went over and above what is in her job description and made it very easy for me to purchase my insurance.  I will no longer use any other insurance company for any of my insurance needs.  I will always be calling Lisa at Kind Insurance.  Thank You!  You were more than helpful, thank you so much Lisa.

Friend and Customer


In the process of purchasing a home in Grass Valley in late July, we were having great difficulty with finding affordable and quality fire insurance and a home owners policy.  There were many expensive options, but from companies that were not willing to meet all of our needs.  Then, just as we were getting desperate to purchase a policy, we were lucky enough to meet Lisa Summers of Kind Insurance.  She rapidly introduced us to a national carrier writing policies in the area.  I had already become familiar with the carriers progressive technology and just had not thought of their ability to meet our needs locally.  We were able to rapidly sign on for a policy that fully covers our home and Lisa was very helpful in explaining the choices and costs and then delivering all of it (with proof of insurance) within 24 hours for us to send to our lenders.  Amazing experience that saved us nearly 70% compared to the next closest policy.

Greg & Alyson

Lisa from Kind Insurance saved us over 50% on our home owners insurance!  She was very helpful in explaining the steps along the way.  I am more informed and educated about home insurance and feel much more comfortable about our current policy.  Highly recommend Lisa and Kind to anyone looking for insurance esepcially in the high fire risk areas of the foothills.


Lisa spent a lot of time with me to understand my prior coverage and what the needed new policy would cover. The insurance she found was highly rated and 40% of the cost of my existing policy. She several times adjusted the coverage I wanted based on my review of the policy documents she sent. She is highly knowledgeable on insurance coverage in our fire risk sensitive area and was quite pleasant to work with. Needless to say, I signed up with her recommendation.


Right from the first contact we had with Lisa Summers, we felt that she had our best interest in mind.  We were in a difficult position where a very large insurance company that we had done business with for about 20 years dumped us with a very impersonal non-renewal letter.  Lisa took our information and obtained Homeowners insurance, at a very good price for us in a timely fashion so we had no period of not being covered.  She always called us back when promised and has always been complete in her explanations of the insurance process.  She has put us at ease, and we are very comfortable knowing she is our representative should the need arise.  Friends we referred to her are also happy she represents them too.


Roy & Charlotte

In January of 2016 our existing insurance company refused to renew our homeowner's insurance policy.  Apparently our home was now listed in a fire hazard area.  We appealed to multiple insurance companies for homeowner's coverage and were turned down.  We finally found coverage with another company, but our policy jumped from $900/year to $3100/year and our coverage decreased.  We now had a $5000 deductible policy where previously we had a $1000 deductible policy.  In June of 2018 a friend told us about Lisa Summers.  He told us that Lisa lived in our area and worked hard to find affordable and dependable coverage for her clients.  Lisa was very personable and helpful.  She quickly started working on our behalf to find us a more affordable homeowner's policy with a reputable company.  We now have a policy with a great carrier and saved $700 a year in premiums.  We also have a $1000 deductible policy again.  We are very pleased with Lisa and recommended our son to her for homeowner's insurance as well.


Dave & Cheri of Meadow Vista

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