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Why You Need An Independent Agent

Simply put Independent Agents are working in your best interests first.  They do not represent a single carrier, so they are not required to market specific insurance products or help the insurance provider avoid a legitimate claim.  Independent Agents have broad access to the Insurance Markets and they are able to search the market for the best insurance carrier for your unique situation and find you the right coverage at the best price.  Don't do it yourself.  Googling Insurance doesn't result in the best providers, it results in the providers who paid the most to advertise their company and get your business.  Someone is paying for that advertising.  It is you, and it is built into the price. Insurance is a heavily regulated industry and agents do not control pricing, insurance carriers do. Their pricing and products are heavily regulated and monitored by the States Department of Insurance.  Carriers are not typically able to provide different pricing on the same insurance program from one Agent to another, so the key to a good Independent Agent is how well they understand the insurance products offered by their carriers, how well they understand your unique situation, and how much market access they have. 

At Kind Insurance we regularly locate savings for our clients by working harder with the insurance carriers during underwriting to identify not only the best carrier for your needs, but also to identify the right product and to educate the insurance carrier about your specific situation and the factors at play which may mitigate their risk and allow our clients polices to rate stronger and be priced more accurately.  

More than that, we are insuring your key assets for life.  Your home and your cars.  We want to make sure the things you've worked hard to achieve are properly protected.  A good Independent Agent is a key part of your financial team, just like your attorney, your banker, and your financial advisor.  You want to make sure you are well represented so that when a tragedy does occur, you have the coverage you need, and someone with experience is looking out for your best interest and working with you to hold the insurance provider responsible.

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